Open October 1 - March 20
Tickets available at leading Mandalay hotels
Group sales: 09 458974512 or 09 428153287
“Very physical. Very good!”


“I was thoroughly delighted by the enchanting performers in the charming show. It was obvious that the individuals in this troupe relished the opportunity to showcase the dance, music and culture of beautiful Myanmar. I wish them every success in their endeavors.”

L. Kalogiannidis
First Secretary and Consul
Australian Embassy, Stockholm

“Real choreography and splendid music. Enjoyed it very much. Will tell my friends.”

Joel (Holland)

“Es vie espacedo iou umcho harten. Redmente iuolndelie. Bieve si breve, dos noces breve.”


“Very nice and beautiful dancers. Cane ball girl was very talented and great to watch. Watch out Zidare!”

Brandon and Sandy

“What a wonderful introduction to the culture of Myanmar. Thank you very much.”


“Merci pir ve spectacle danse avec des belles chorigraphics et de samptveux costumes.”


“Всё очень интересно и прекрасно. Огромное спасибо!”


“Wonderful! Fun and beautiful! Very talented dancers and musicians. Thank you.”


“It was a wonderful show. I did enjoy your traditional dances a lot. Also people were very friendly. I had a good time!”

Mitto (Japan)

“Schitterende show!! Brengal uwhinders mede! Emn zegt´t koort. Prachsige kostums en mole uitvoening.”


“Probably the most exciting show I´ve seen in Asia. Plus, the people involved all seem to take a genuine pride in what they do. They will treat you with the utmost hospitality and leave you feeling satisfied. See it!”


“Heel erg mooie show met heel parchtige dansen , en met geweldige traditionele musich. Echt mei-dan de mooite waard.


“Tres heuruse d´avoir assible a ce spectacle les daseures et dansevaes sont tres expresifs, les costumes magnifiques et l´accueil parfait. Merci encore!”


“We heben genatedn van ein geweldig dansfeist. Vershillednde soorten dansen, seer professioneel, erg mooi vitgevoierd met geveldig nooie murch. Dit is erg byonder, dit moet je gerien en gehoord hebben”


“Diese tanzgruppe wir wunderschon.”

Walli u. Karl-Heinz

“Uiteschende es onderhoudescle show met prachliq aasgehlede dansers es ein heel kendige acrobate. Goedishe”


“Wir haben die tanze u;nd die kostume genossen. Die feiren beugusgen und das schlaskunst stuck haben uns beeindrudet.”

Rene + Ohilia